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  • 5 layer Heavy Carton
  • ·Retail price:Negotiable price
  • ··Product Type:5 layer Heavy Carton
  • ·Brand:
  • ·Category:Corrugated carton
  • ·Main Configuration:paper+core paper+2 layers corruagated paper
  • ·Dimensions:customized
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1.waterproof, Polishing the surface on the carton  to prevent water penetration avoiding affecting product in the box.
2.Recyclable. Recyclable use reduce the cost of packaging.
3.Light weight. It is light and easy to move and pack comparing with wooden box.
4.Suitable by ship and by air.  Don't  deform in transport. Free fumigation and easy&fast to pass the Customs.
5.Easy disposal. No enviroment pollution.