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  • Cushioning material
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They secure goods in ships, sea containers, rail wagons and trucks. With compressed air, the dunnage bag is put in the opening between goods. The air pressure in the dunnage bag gives a permanent support to the products and keeps the goods in place.

At destination, the dunnage bag is punctured or deflated (re-usable valve). After removal of the dunnage bag, goods can directly be unloaded .

Material of Dunnage Bags
-Woven polypropylene

Features & Benefits
-Flexible, simple
-Low cost
-Reusable, environmental friendly

Types of Foam Profiles
Features & Benefits
Excellent protection from shocks and vibrations
Customizable, easy cut processing
ESD protection available
Low heat conductivity
Moisture proof, does not absorb water
Foam Profiles are used in cushioning and inner protective packaging for IT products, telecom devices, LCD, precision components, instruments and electronic components etc.