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  • The General Electric company (GE, Electric before)

    The general electric company profile
    General electric (GE) is the world's largest diversified services company, and also high quality, high-tech industrial and consumer products provider. From the plane engine, generator equipments to financial services, from the medical imaging, TV programs to plastic, GE through various technical and service to create a better life. GE worldwide in more than 100 countries worldwide in business, the staff of nearly 300,000 people. Jeff Mr Immelt since 2001 September 7, replace jack Welch served as chairman of GE and chief executive.
    The general electric company's history can be traced back to Thomas Edison 1878, he founded the Edison electric company. In 1892, Edison GE Thomson - Houston electrical company and combined GE (GE). GE is since the dow Jones industrial average since 1896 still in the establishment of the company's index.

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