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  • LVL pallet collar
  • ·Retail price:Negotiable price
  • ··Product Type:LVL pallet collar
  • ·Brand:
  • ·Category:Recyclable Packaging
  • ·Main Configuration:pallet+collars+lid(LVL)
  • ·Dimensions:customized
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1.LVL, stable quality,uniform intensity,material variability small,is the best alternative to wood structure materials.
2.Any sizes are available.The longest length is 8m, most thickness is 300mm,.Utilization of raw materials up to 100%.
3.LVL is processed like wood. Can be sawed, planed, cuteyes, opened  joints, nails, etc.
4.LVL has  test control, anti-corrosion, fire, water and other properties
5.LVL has a strong earthquake resistance and shock absorption properties and resistance to cyclic stress fatigue damage incurred arising
6.This product is green, clean, used in the production process quality green adhesive.