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  • Inner frame wooden box
  • ·Retail price:Negotiable price
  • ··Product Type:inner frame wooden box
  • ·Brand:
  • ·Category:Wooden Box
  • ·Main Configuration:
  • ·Dimensions:Length≥150cm,Width≥100cm
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Wood box , as common transport packaging, is good rigidity and durable. And it is easy to assemble and fix.
Widely used in packaging for large and medium-sized mechanical products and heavy products.
The boxes have many types from different  ways:
Material: plywood box, wooden box, wood box.
Structure: inner frame wooden box and outer frame wooden box.
Sealing degree: closed box and lattice box;
Weight and size:small box, medium box, large box.
If necessary, boxes can be customized according to detailed request.