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Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Wuxi City , one of the “Top Ten Citis with most economic vitality in China” ,Jiangsu Qiancheng  Industrial Packaging Co.,Ltd(QCPAC ) has established factories and raw materials bases in Wuxi and Suqian of Jiangsu Province, and in Guangde and liuan of Anhui province. Meanwhile, a nationwide operation network and management centers of recyclable packaging have been established in Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou, Taicang, Dalian, Wuhan and Dongguan.
QCPAC, a leading enterprise in the field of industrial packaging in China, specialized in packaging products, which include pallet, wooden box, collapsible plywood box, carton, special packaging , recyclable packaging, ect and accessories. We are committed to providing with “one-top” complete packaging solutions(CPS) of industrial packaging including packaging consultation and assessment, packaging design and sampling, packaging test, packaging products supply, storage and logistics, on-site packaging recycling, management, etc.
QCPAC is the advocator and pioneer of environmental friendly packaging and a trustworthy partner of industrial packaging services! QCPAC has provided services for large enterprises of machinery , electromechanical products, telecommunications, solar energy, medical equipment, auto parts, logistics etc, and has won positive approval from long-term partners such as  SKF, Siemens, Caterpillar, ABB, etc.
QCPAC—Create a bright future with you!

Remark:introduction of QCPAC sister copmany is as following:

 Jiangsu Qiancheng Industrial Packaging Co.,Ltd./Wuxi Qiancheng Packaging Engineering Co.,Ltd.

It is the only experimental base of wood packaging industry in China Packaging Federation with 28 years’ experience in wood packaging and has got rich experience in packaging for large irregular products, precision products as well as in moisture proof, rustproof and anti static.


An’hui Qiancheng Industrial Packaging Co., Ltd.

It is a manufacturing base of packaging products with a couple of production lines of pallets, wooden boxes and quick assembling cases.


Guangde Qiancheng Dongsheng Eco-forestry Co., Ltd.

Creating sustainable developing industry chain of the wood packaging, and transforming the original forest into efficient forest. Now it has been the transformed 3400 acres.


Guangde Qiancheng Wood Packaging Co., Ltd.

It is a manufacturing base of wooden pallets with sophisticated production and processing equipments and wood kiln dry warehouse of 5,000 sq; with heat treatment capacity; annual manufacturing capacity of wood pallets reaches to 500,000 pieces.


Suqian Qiancheng Wood Packaging Co., Ltd.

It is a manufacturing base of recycling packaging products with a couple of production lines (standard pallets, pallet collars and buckle boxes, etc)


Siyang Qiancheng Wood Co., Ltd.

It is an manufacturing base of engineered wood with an area of 60,000 sq; main products: engineered veneers, prepared veneers and engineered bamboo rind, etc.


Liu’an Qiancheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

It is a manufacturing base of wooden raw materials with advanced wood drying equipments and manufacturing processing equipments,owning plant of 10000 square meters.